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With Christmas fast approaching like a runaway train, two thoughts come into my head, one, I really should have sewn more stock in the summer and two, I really should have thought about my marketing strategy a bit sooner. I hate to admit it but I never learn!

Whilst I can’t turn the clock back a couple of months and sew, I can sew like mad now to keep up with sales.  I know I will end up sewing all weekend and sometimes late at night but when it’s cold and raining outside, I really don’t mind.  I don’t feel guilty not being outside, as I do when the weather is glorious.

As for the marketing bit, well this year, I thought I would get a helping hand by signing up to Blog and Buy Sale, a blog that promotes designers and makers.  The site was established in 2011, so I was slightly surprised I have only just discovered it and I can’t actually remember who mentioned the site either.

The blog is packed full of useful content, from fantastic products in various categories, top tips and interviews with makers to event reviews.  There is so much to read and digest, my only fear is that I will get totally engrossed and get even less sewing actually done!  I may have to wait until Boxing Day to take a well earned break from the sewing machine and have a rummage through the site.

If you would like, to head over for a look though, the address is:



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