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Alison Keeble

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With Christmas fast approaching like a runaway train, two thoughts come into my head, one, I really should have seen more stock in the summer and two, I really should have thought about my marketing strategy a bit sooner. I hate to admit it but I never learn!

New Look Website

Alison Keeble

After ten years, the decision was taken to upgrade the website to a site powered by Shopify.  As they specialise in e-commerce websites, it made sense but it was still quite a daunting prospect. It wasn't just getting to grips with a whole new programme, it was actually finding the time in between sewing stock, marketing new stock and dispatching orders.  After a couple of You Tube videos, lots of trial and error, several changes of design, numerous cups of tea and countless hours, the new site finally fell into place. No doubt there will be some minor adjustments along the...

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